SharePoint 2016: A Pre-Release Introduction

There are lots of speculations about the new release of SharePoint from Microsoft --- new features that will be incorporated, month of release and whether it is really true that business enterprise will be able to take advantage of cloud innovations!

SharePoint, a content collaboration platform, has evolved continuously. New experiences (Business Intelligence, Portals, Search and Enterprise Content Management) have been added. It is an extremely extensible platform, be it within the server or across Office 365. SharePoint has consistently served as a productivity solution.

SharePoint Evolves in the Cloud!

SharePoint is all set to evolve in the cloud with Office 365. Experiences, extensibility and management will still be the mainstay of the technology with added investments in hybrid. Why? The reason for this is many customers still manage and administer their business on-premises --- with hybrid deployment or within the firewall.

This new version of SharePoint server will come with added security enhancements and reliability features. As a business organization, you can avail of cloud innovations on your own terms!

New Features we would likely see in the new SharePoint release include:

* Ripping out of Silverlight interface and its replacement with HTML5 compliant pages.

* Better style options and a rich text editor with the promise that editors will be able to publish much, much faster using a few clicks!

* Superior Interface design --- less clutter in the interface.

* Mobile features with UI redesigned for a touch interface and a truly responsive interface.

* Office 365 capabilities will be brought for on-premises customers using hybrid platform.

SharePoint Server 2016 will be released as an on-premises version of its SharePoint Server. The tentative month of its release is September --- second half of year 2015. This is also the time when Office 2016 --- next version of Office client is due to be out. Keep your fingers crossed!





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