SharePoint 2016: On its Way to Your Enterprise!

Everyone is waiting with abated breath (literally!) for the new release of SharePoint Server 2016. Well, let us delve deeper into this subject and know more about this much awaited cohesive productivity solution.

Enterprises will get traditional SharePoint features --- Search, Team Sites, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management, Intranet/Extranet and file sharing. However, much is being achieved at the infrastructural level to provide your enterprise with flexibility and 'improved reliability' --- in a hybrid scenario.

Bridging of Office 365 to Your On-Premises Experience  

Today, one commonality between all business organizations is --- SharePoint! Main Enhancements in the new platform may include the following ---

  • New superior Video capabilities.
  • Rich and novel text editor.
  • Innovative application framework with which encourages automated code generation. Even non-developers would generate and organize .NET objects using drag-and-drop interfaces.
  •  Automated migration script would enable migration of Office files from SP 2013 directly to SP 2016.
  • Enterprises would be able to sync significant documents from their on-premise installations to Office 365 instances.
  • Social media integration with the optional Pinterest connector.
  • More mobile features with responsive interface, UI redesigned for a touch interface and scaled down page views.
Some organizations are still using SharePoint On-Premises. With this new SharePoint solution, along with on-premises capabilities, you will be served Office 365 experiences too, as per your own specific business requirements! Well, this is akin to bringing cloud all the way to your very own datacenter using hybrid technology.

You must vouch for the big Ignite conference in Chicago in May where the preview version of SharePoint Server 2016 will be displayed. SharePoint 2016 will be released with the next version of Office --- Office 2016 and yes, new versions of Exchange and Skype for Business, that replaces Lync. Get ready to welcome SP16!





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