Progressive Web Apps - Google's Concept of fast, reliable and engaging app-like experience via mobile browser

Progressive Web Apps blur the line between Web content and apps, but they keep the strengths of the Web.
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are designed to load “instantly.”
PWAs save an entire web page to a user’s local storage and place it in an app shell. The content is only updated as needed. A“Service Worker” serves all CSS stylesheets, images, JavaScript, pages, etc. Because most everything needed to render a page is stored locally, it delivers blazing fast performance.
It will also work offline, utilizing cached data saved from previous online activity. PWAs may ultimately replace the current generation of mobile websites. Progressive Web App Checklist

Progressive Web Apps will now appear in the app drawer section of the launcher and in Android Settings, and will be able to receive incoming intents from other apps. Long presses on their notifications will also reveal the normal Android notification management controls rather than the notification management controls for Chrome.

This new Add to Home screen feature is one more step in our journey to empower developers to build the best possible experience for their users, and we are committed to ensuring the same mechanisms for installing Progressive Web Apps are available to all browsers on Android.

The new Add to Home screen feature will be coming with Chrome 57. Another feature specific to Android in that version is the new Media Session API that allows developers to customize the lock screen UI and notifications. Specifically, media notifications can include title, artist, album name, and artwork, as well as actions like seeking and skipping.

On other platforms, CSS Grid Layout support gives developers more granular control over how elements grow and shrink to fit the current screen size. The two-dimensional grid-based layout system is optimized for responsive user interface design and makes layout code easier to understand.



Mobile & Video Marketing

Mobile Marketing:

Smartphones have changed the way of communication, the way we access the internet, Search & research about the products we need, 70% of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search results; so marketers need to think about the mobile marketing seriously. Optimize your ads and website around calls.

Click-to-call Ads: Click-to-call to your PPC campaigns allows a user to click on a number or phone icon and dial your number immediately from your ad 

To ensure your phone number is visible include it within the first 130 characters to prevent it from being hidden on mobile screens.

Call only Ads

Integrate call tracking 

SMS mobile marketing:

SMS truly revolutionized the way we communicate. It's highly efficient & also build a personal relationship with their customers.

The average text message response time is just 90 seconds, in comparison with 90 minutes on average to respond to emails, and from a business perspective, SMS marketing campaigns see a 20% higher click through rate (CTR) than their email counterparts.

For mobile payments, mobile marketing and delivering instant alerts, SMS remains convenient, secure and useful. 

Mobile advertising analytics 

Video Marketing:

76% of companies who have used video in the past 12 months report a direct business impact, and more than 60% plan to increase their investments in video 

You must have a clear understanding of your goals, what you want to accomplish with your videos and what actions you want the viewer to take. 

Adobe has acquired video ad firm TubeMogul for approximately $540m (£433m). Combined with Adobe Marketing Cloud, it will also offer customers access to first-party data and measurement capabilities from Adobe’s Audience Manager and Analytics products.



App, Digital & Marketing - Stats

  • Digital Marketing & other stats to help you in digital world:
    • People form first impressions in about 17 milliseconds: Advertisers should optimize their landing pages regularly to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward.
    • Display ad spend surpasses search this year.
    • Emails with a single call to action increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1,617%
    • Click-to-Call Commerce Will Reach $1 Trillion in 2015 and Double by 2019
    • 50% of Search Queries are 4 Words or Longer
    • People forget 90% of what we share with them > Focus on creating memorable content
  • Most apps we download get opened once and then ignored. Specifically, 77 percent of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing

    • Why Facebook TechPrep : 77 percent of parents say they do not know how to help their child pursue computer science. This increases to approximately 83 percent for lower-income and non-college graduate parents or guardians.  FB TechPrep is an online computer science and programming resource, to address what it sees as a “lack of exposure to computer science and careers in technology,” 


Today’s Websites, Apps & Technologies

Websites are used for the representation of businesses and for advertising & promotion purposes to reach as many customers as possible. Website Development company & App development company are most in demand to fulfill these requirements. As the technology advances and people friendly devices are changing from desktop/laptop to smartphones & tablets business houses needs different things to make their presence on different devices like on PC’s people are more comfortable accessing websites and n smartphones they access apps/mobile websites or responsive websites. As every bit is countable so we need to maintain fast & light weight for our websites or Apps so that it will be downloaded on slow internet speed and different screen sizes.

Website Development:: Responsive Websites &Mobile Websites:

PHP & JAVA is top language in demand for website development. PHP is installed on over 20 million websites and 1 million web servers. Wordpress that uses PHP is most used CMS of the world. 17% of entire world websites work on Wordpress. 

For websites development analysis and requirement of your business you need to consult a good Website Development company that will help you & suggest best version of website you needed for your business.

Mobile Apps:

There is huge number of Android & iOS users so developments for these two are top priorities of corporate.

For App development you need to consult an Android App Development Company & iOS App development company

Graphs: Growth & Demand: Facts & Figures



Oracle E-Business Suite: Business Software with Useful Modules!

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) comprises of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship management (CRM) applications. Since each application is licensed separately, business organizations can opt for a combination that suits their individual business requirements. The latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite is 12.2.4 released in August 2014. 

Applications Found in Oracle EBS

The suite of EBS comprises of applications which include Oracle CRM, Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Oracle Logistics, Oracle Supply Chain Applications, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Transportation Management  and Oracle Warehouse Management System.  
1. Oracle CRM makes available 'front office' functions for augmenting customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. It comprises of functionalities like order capture, contracts, field service and call centre functionalities other than content management and quote and order management etc.2. Oracle Financials comprises of cash management, fixed assets, general ledger, property management, treasury etc. 3. Oracle Human Resource Management System involves management of recruitment process, managing HR activities, training, benefits and payroll. It integrates with other EBS applications for seamless access to useful business data for making fast and informed decisions.

4. Oracle Logistics helps you to  plan, manage and control diverse services and storage of products  in your enterprise. For instance, you will know about demand and safety stock in your warehouse. 5. Oracle Supply Chain Application enables you to manage and align business operations across the globe. It involves product development, sales planning, supply management and management of transportation .6. Oracle Order management application helps by streamlining and automating processes starting with order promising and shipment to on-time delivery.

7. Oracle Transportation Management System (TMS) aids in planning and execution of transportation of product including taking care of III Party logistics providers and freight payment. This gives superior customer service and also reduces cost of transportation. 8. Oracle’s Warehouse Management System: This module enables proper utilization of employees and equipment, use of space and real-time inventory management including Advance Ship Notices (ASN)  etc.

There is no doubt that Oracle E-Business Suite encapsulates a wide range of business processes and business solutions as per your specific enterprise needs. With improvement across all departments, cost-saving and customer care, success in business is just round the corner!



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Superior Customer Engagement for Success!

Customer care is the foundation of any successful business organization. Today, business enterprises make optimum use of technological tools to reach out to customers and retain customer loyalty. CRM (Customer Relationship Management is about enhanced collaboration between marketing, sales and service teams, business insights and informed decisions to engage with customers and deliver an amazing customer experience --- each time.

This new CRM software was launched in December 2014 and is a much needed tool to improve customer services. It breaks the silos between sales and marketing departments and enables enterprises to deliver seamless experiences to customers. With integration with Cortana (Microsoft's digital assistant), users will find it easy to set up meetings and reminders, search for contacts, view customer lists and create customer records ---- all this with voice commands!
Important Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Benefits of Dynamics CRM 2015 for Business Organizations

Real-time calculations and roll-ups for important business information, API enhancements for automation of processes and communication across devices, new industry templates for financial services, manufacturing, retail etc. for enterprise-specific requirements are some benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

More advantages are furnished below ---

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 works well with Office and Power BI across mobile devices and augments sales productivity, customer loyalty and collaboration.

*  Social listening features involve monitoring of social media sentiments towards your brand.

*  Multi-channel Marketing aids you to streamline campaign creation and A/B testing etc.

*  Marketing team can switch from planning to execution in a seamless manner to engage customers and make personalized service available to them. This enables you to build your sales pipeline, market products to prospective customers and find ways of retaining customer loyalty.

*  With the new e-mail editor, you can either select from pre-defined templates or create e-mail by utilizing the interactive drag and drop build processor.

*  The Campaign Management Console aids in fine tuning responses, cross campaign offers and A/B testing.

*  Integrated Social Listening gives social  insights about your brand image.

*  Sales Collaboration Panel enables you to spur campaign activities, target prospective customers and receive alerts based on their interactions.

B2B Marketing, webinar integration, Marketing Calendar, collaboration using capabilities from Lync, automated business processes, improved business process flows and building of customer loyalty are other advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 --- a tool for providing proactive and personalized customer engagements across all channels!





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