SharePoint 2016: On-Premises Experiences with Office 365

SharePoint 2016: More mobile features with a responsive interface, growing app store, more product integrations including CRM and Records Management along with ripping out of the already obsolete Silverlight interface replaced with HTML5 compliant pages.

The next version of SharePoint server is secure and reliable, giving business enterprises the advantage of cloud innovation and hybrid connections. It is expected to be released anytime in the month of September 2015.

SharePoint will evolve within Office 365 and through an on-premise version of its SharePoint Server. SharePoint Server 2016 will certainly associate and channelize Office 365 capabilities to your On-Premises experience!



SharePoint 2016: On its Way to Your Enterprise!

Everyone is waiting with abated breath (literally!) for the new release of SharePoint Server 2016. Well, let us delve deeper into this subject and know more about this much awaited cohesive productivity solution.

Enterprises will get traditional SharePoint features --- Search, Team Sites, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management, Intranet/Extranet and file sharing. However, much is being achieved at the infrastructural level to provide your enterprise with flexibility and 'improved reliability' --- in a hybrid scenario.

Bridging of Office 365 to Your On-Premises Experience  

Today, one commonality between all business organizations is --- SharePoint! Main Enhancements in the new platform may include the following ---

  • New superior Video capabilities.
  • Rich and novel text editor.
  • Innovative application framework with which encourages automated code generation. Even non-developers would generate and organize .NET objects using drag-and-drop interfaces.
  •  Automated migration script would enable migration of Office files from SP 2013 directly to SP 2016.
  • Enterprises would be able to sync significant documents from their on-premise installations to Office 365 instances.
  • Social media integration with the optional Pinterest connector.
  • More mobile features with responsive interface, UI redesigned for a touch interface and scaled down page views.
Some organizations are still using SharePoint On-Premises. With this new SharePoint solution, along with on-premises capabilities, you will be served Office 365 experiences too, as per your own specific business requirements! Well, this is akin to bringing cloud all the way to your very own datacenter using hybrid technology.

You must vouch for the big Ignite conference in Chicago in May where the preview version of SharePoint Server 2016 will be displayed. SharePoint 2016 will be released with the next version of Office --- Office 2016 and yes, new versions of Exchange and Skype for Business, that replaces Lync. Get ready to welcome SP16!


Why Businesses Need an ERP?

With the rapidly intensifying competition in the global business environment, almost every enterprise today is concerned at trying their best to outperform their peers. For this, the companies strive hard to improve their work processes, enhance their efficiency, and aim at achieving higher customer satisfaction levels. However, with the growing complexities of modern business, doing all these has become extremely tough. This is the reason almost every company today, regardless of the fact how big or small it is or what its industry domain is, wants to embrace a competent ERP solution.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that automates the key processes of an enterprise and provides a common platform for quick sharing of data between various departments of an organization. Though, there are several different types of ERP solutions available today, each with their own highlights and drawbacks, but the common objective of almost every ERP solution is to offer better management control to the users to help them dispose of their responsibilities in the most satisfactory manner. A robust and competent ERP solution can do wonders for any organization and provide them with the edge to outperform their competitors. Some the main advantages of an ERP solution for a business organization include:

·        * Automates processes: The key objective of any ERP solution is to automate the key processes of an organization. By automating the processes, an ERP solution not only reduces the redundancy of manual processes, but also plugs-in the loopholes to quicken the processes and increase their efficiency.

·        *  Single centralized platform: An ERP solution provides a common platform for all the key divisions/departments of an organization to help them quickly share critical business data amongst each other, and increase the overall productivity of the organization.

·        *·         Discrete management module: Many comprehensive ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP offer discrete modules for individually targeting the key verticals of the enterprise. Such modules include Accounting, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Inventory, Human Resource (HR), Service, and Project management modules.

·        *     Time and cost saver: Implementing a good, high-quality ERP solution can act as a great cost and time saver for the organization by speeding up the processes and reducing the redundancy. The cost saving aspect of ERP solutions not enables the company to operate in a more economical manner but also increases its profits. Moreover, by cutting down the operational time, and the solution helps an organization to reduce its turnaround time and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

·        * Easy to customize: Most ERP solutions available today are not specific to any particular industrial domain; instead they can be easily customized for all types of business, irrespective of their industry or technology niche. Hence, any company operating cutting across varying industry verticals can implement the desired ERP solution and get it customized to meet their unique business needs.



SharePoint 2016: A Pre-Release Introduction

There are lots of speculations about the new release of SharePoint from Microsoft --- new features that will be incorporated, month of release and whether it is really true that business enterprise will be able to take advantage of cloud innovations!

SharePoint, a content collaboration platform, has evolved continuously. New experiences (Business Intelligence, Portals, Search and Enterprise Content Management) have been added. It is an extremely extensible platform, be it within the server or across Office 365. SharePoint has consistently served as a productivity solution.

SharePoint Evolves in the Cloud!

SharePoint is all set to evolve in the cloud with Office 365. Experiences, extensibility and management will still be the mainstay of the technology with added investments in hybrid. Why? The reason for this is many customers still manage and administer their business on-premises --- with hybrid deployment or within the firewall.

This new version of SharePoint server will come with added security enhancements and reliability features. As a business organization, you can avail of cloud innovations on your own terms!

New Features we would likely see in the new SharePoint release include:

* Ripping out of Silverlight interface and its replacement with HTML5 compliant pages.

* Better style options and a rich text editor with the promise that editors will be able to publish much, much faster using a few clicks!

* Superior Interface design --- less clutter in the interface.

* Mobile features with UI redesigned for a touch interface and a truly responsive interface.

* Office 365 capabilities will be brought for on-premises customers using hybrid platform.

SharePoint Server 2016 will be released as an on-premises version of its SharePoint Server. The tentative month of its release is September --- second half of year 2015. This is also the time when Office 2016 --- next version of Office client is due to be out. Keep your fingers crossed!



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 : Top New Features

Microsoft, the technology giant has rolled out an updated version of its innovative customer relationship management solution; Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Dynamics CRM 2015 codenamed as ‘Vegas’, is officially out now. The developers at Microsoft made no mistake, while adding advanced features and capabilities to the latest version of its ‘all-in-one’ CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete CRM software solution, which is being widely used across diverse business verticals, all across the globe. The updated version; Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 enhances collaboration between sales and marketing teams, working in an organization. It further allows them to simplify complex activities, which requires time, money and human efforts.
What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015?

  • ·         Enhanced global search
  • ·         Internal process automation
  • ·         Guided sales processes
  • ·         Email editor
  • ·         Calculated fields
  • ·         Roll-up fields
  • ·         Field-level security
  • ·         Product families
  • ·         Enhanced CRM App for tablet

The new update is available for both Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics CRM On-Premise editions. The CRM 2015 Upgrade has been added with tons of new capabilities and features, which would allow business enterprises to enhance their sales and marketing efforts and provide top quality customer service, which builds loyalty.

If your business organization or enterprise is planning to upgrade its existing Dynamics CRM version, its highly advisable to choose Microsoft Gold Certified partner company only, which holds a strong reputation in the market.





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