Microsoft's Bing Google's Competitor

Microsoft launched a new search engine to increase their search share and compete with Google and Yahoo. Bing design is intuitive and realistic. It categorizes the information quite well in groups and showing the category to the top left of the page and you can drill down the categories result to get more information about the particular group. Bing provide better previews and snippets of text when you hover over a result.

Microsoft rolls out Bing previously Kumo and will be available over the next few days, and be fully launched by June 3. Microsoft re brand its search engine 4 times in 5 years to compete with Google. But Microsoft not in race yet. Bing looks better than its previous brands "MSN Search", "Windows Live Search", "Live Search" and " Kumo".

Steve Ballmer says: “There is no way to change the whole game in one step.” But search “deserves a good feature war.”

Can Microsoft Bing compete with Google

Google (65 %) search share is far away from MS(9 %) but Bing can compete with yahoo (20%) first. Search war is on because search industry have great business potential and Microsoft taking this seriously. Bing will definitely help MS to gain search share and competitive with Google. The video search result of Bing is looking better than the Google's video search. Bing can bring better information of product reviews, movie listing, travel and stock market.





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