Online Advertising in 2009

eMarketer projects online ad spending will rise 8.9% in 2009. eMarketer estimates growth of nearly 15% for search and 3.5% for e-mail.

Video ad spending will rise 45% next year to reach $850 million. search marketing spending will grow by 14.9% to touch $12.3 billion. total U.S. Internet ad spending to increase by only 8.9% to reach $25.7 billion.

Clickz predicts Game Ad Spend to Exceed $1 Billion In Five Year. The growth will be driven by increase in the audience of gamers with Internet-connected consoles and broadband-enabled PCs. Connected consoles, including PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

eMarketer is predicting a 3% decline in social network ad spending in 2009. That decline comes after a 129% increase in 2007 and a 33% increase in 2008.

Hitwise: 26% decline in the share of paid clicks – In four weeks to May 9, 2009, 7.25% of search engine traffic to All Categories of websites was from paid clicks. This compares to 9.84% in the same four week period in 2008.





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