Google Android Expects 18 to 20 Phones by Years End

Andy Rubin, senior director for Mobile Platforms for Google and the spearhead of the Android operating system, said there will be at least 18 to 20 phones on the market worldwide by the years end and will be made by eight or nine different manufacturers. He said Android phones applications will help distinguish Android from Apple’s iPhone or the Palm Pre, the BlackBerry and Nokia app stores, etc.

Android is an “open” platform and free and it comes with three flavors with different versions:

1. The obligation-free option: Device manufacturers are allowed to provide access to as many or as few applications as they wish.

2. The small strings option: Manufacturers sign a distribution agreement to include Google applications on the phone. of 18 phones launched this year 12 will use this option.

3. The bigger strings option or the no-censorship version: These phones Google calls “The Google Experience.” They are physically distinguishable by the “Google” logo on the phone. 5 to 6 phones of this year will use this version.





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