How You Can Use PPC to Increase Earning

Analyze nature of business: Before creating a PPC campaign you must have to know about the business and its market where you are trying to run the campaign. On the basis of that you can decide which ad have to run globally and which locally.

Do keyword analysis:

There are so many free and paid tools that provides the very good analysis about the keywords daily and monthly impressions and clicks and which keyword have good conversion rate. Google keyword suggestion tool can also help you.

Create PPC campaign: Create PPC campaign by proper grouping the words in ad groups and create the relevant ad for the group.

Make your Ad groups targeted and relevant: Create the Ad Group targeted towards the AD. Your ad must represent the Ad group.

Make easy for the customers to buy: Provide easy customer support and every way to buy for the customers.

Create daily sales report:

Keep tracking of sales on daily basis this will help you to set the goals.

Find the most conversing keywords:

On the basis of performance of various ad group find the most conversing keywords from the Adgroups and target on these keywords. Get good ranking for the conversing keywords.

Invest money on high performers: Invest more money on the keywords and campaigns that are providing good revenues.

Delete non performing keywords: Keywords that are not performing from a long time must be deleted.

Use Google analytics to track the users behavior

Use ROI calculator to calculate your ROI

Analyze your competitors PPC strategy: There are so many spy tools are available in the market that will help you to get the information about competitors campaigns. Some of them are,,,





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