Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Superior Customer Engagement for Success!

Customer care is the foundation of any successful business organization. Today, business enterprises make optimum use of technological tools to reach out to customers and retain customer loyalty. CRM (Customer Relationship Management is about enhanced collaboration between marketing, sales and service teams, business insights and informed decisions to engage with customers and deliver an amazing customer experience --- each time.

This new CRM software was launched in December 2014 and is a much needed tool to improve customer services. It breaks the silos between sales and marketing departments and enables enterprises to deliver seamless experiences to customers. With integration with Cortana (Microsoft's digital assistant), users will find it easy to set up meetings and reminders, search for contacts, view customer lists and create customer records ---- all this with voice commands!
Important Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Benefits of Dynamics CRM 2015 for Business Organizations

Real-time calculations and roll-ups for important business information, API enhancements for automation of processes and communication across devices, new industry templates for financial services, manufacturing, retail etc. for enterprise-specific requirements are some benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

More advantages are furnished below ---

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 works well with Office and Power BI across mobile devices and augments sales productivity, customer loyalty and collaboration.

*  Social listening features involve monitoring of social media sentiments towards your brand.

*  Multi-channel Marketing aids you to streamline campaign creation and A/B testing etc.

*  Marketing team can switch from planning to execution in a seamless manner to engage customers and make personalized service available to them. This enables you to build your sales pipeline, market products to prospective customers and find ways of retaining customer loyalty.

*  With the new e-mail editor, you can either select from pre-defined templates or create e-mail by utilizing the interactive drag and drop build processor.

*  The Campaign Management Console aids in fine tuning responses, cross campaign offers and A/B testing.

*  Integrated Social Listening gives social  insights about your brand image.

*  Sales Collaboration Panel enables you to spur campaign activities, target prospective customers and receive alerts based on their interactions.

B2B Marketing, webinar integration, Marketing Calendar, collaboration using capabilities from Lync, automated business processes, improved business process flows and building of customer loyalty are other advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 --- a tool for providing proactive and personalized customer engagements across all channels!





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