Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif
FHM - world's largest men's lifestyle magazine. "Katrina's average is higher than Katrina Kaif Voted FHM's Sexiest Woman‎:
Sachin Tendulkar's and she replaces Deepika Padukone who won the crown in 2010. Katrina Kaif has previously been voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM India in 2008 and 2009. no woman in the world across all 28 editions of FHM has ever won the sexiest woman in the World title three times in the last 17 years that we've been making the list.

Salman Khan Katrina Kaif starrer directed by Kabir Khan, would be the first Bollywood film to be shot in Iraq

Katrina Kaif Vogue Avatar - Vogue Magazine India's first makeover issue features Katrina Kaif on the cover.

Katrina and Salman is coming together again
Katrina Kaif has officially landed the role in Kabir Khan's directorial next with Salman in the lead.

While actress Katrina Kaif tops almost all the ‘beautiful’ and the ‘sexiest’ polls nowadays, did you know that she lost out once on a plum modelling contract because she was considered too fat for their liking? “…I’m in good shape but I have curves too. If you’re naturally thin, that’s great. But I think it’s so unfair on those girls for whom it doesn’t come naturally. It’s much better to focus on being fit and healthy. Not everyone is made to be that thin. I’m fed up with seeing tiny models in magazines talking about how they are so curvy. I think, ‘No you’re not. I’ll show you curves!’” she told the tabloid.
'Sheela Ki Jawani'

Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan
Katrina kaif boyfriend Salman khan doesn't like to see Katrina in sort and sexy cloths. He told that once he saw her in short cloths after that he stay away from such films.

Salman & Katrina Caught Dating At A Coffee Cafe In Bandra

Katrina Kaif





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