Mobile & Video Marketing

Mobile Marketing:

Smartphones have changed the way of communication, the way we access the internet, Search & research about the products we need, 70% of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search results; so marketers need to think about the mobile marketing seriously. Optimize your ads and website around calls.

Click-to-call Ads: Click-to-call to your PPC campaigns allows a user to click on a number or phone icon and dial your number immediately from your ad 

To ensure your phone number is visible include it within the first 130 characters to prevent it from being hidden on mobile screens.

Call only Ads

Integrate call tracking 

SMS mobile marketing:

SMS truly revolutionized the way we communicate. It's highly efficient & also build a personal relationship with their customers.

The average text message response time is just 90 seconds, in comparison with 90 minutes on average to respond to emails, and from a business perspective, SMS marketing campaigns see a 20% higher click through rate (CTR) than their email counterparts.

For mobile payments, mobile marketing and delivering instant alerts, SMS remains convenient, secure and useful. 

Mobile advertising analytics 

Video Marketing:

76% of companies who have used video in the past 12 months report a direct business impact, and more than 60% plan to increase their investments in video 

You must have a clear understanding of your goals, what you want to accomplish with your videos and what actions you want the viewer to take. 

Adobe has acquired video ad firm TubeMogul for approximately $540m (£433m). Combined with Adobe Marketing Cloud, it will also offer customers access to first-party data and measurement capabilities from Adobe’s Audience Manager and Analytics products.





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