Bing Search Share Increases, Microsoft on Gain

Bing is 3 percentage points up from where Microsoft was at pre-Bing release in terms of both number of searcher penetration and share of search results. searchers reached 16.7 and Microsoft’s share of search result pages in the U.S. increased to 12.1 percent during the period of June 8-12 both shares are 3 percentage points up of May 25-29. Bing increases Search share by nearly fifty percent after 2 weeks of launch according to the latest comScore stats.

In March Google's search share was 64.2%, and in April it was down to 64% in May it was down to 63.2%.

"It appears that Microsoft Bing has continued to generate interest from the market for the second consecutive week," ComScore Senior Vice President Mike Hurt said in a statement.





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