Recession Recovery Months Away, How Long Away?

This is one of the worst recession. It is taking much longer to recover than expected. Everyone is trying to save and dont want to purchse many.

Until the job market improves, don’t expect consumers to start spending. Consumers are not spending even in holidays and festival time because they dont know when they require money and when their job will be lost. Everyone can easily see months of lighter traffic, lower sales and pressure to cut prices.

People feeling a lot poorer these days, never seen so many consumers concerned about job security,

Latest survey, taken the weekend before Easter, showed that 56% of U.S. consumers plan to spend less than they did last year, compared to 6% who plan to spend more.


John Aden May 13, 2009 at 12:02 PM  

Recession Recovery will fast and depends upon the consumer behaviour. Online shopping industry and online retail shops are also showing down. Online retail market will grow at the end of this year.




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